Egypt: Slums = 38.6% of All Built Environment (2016)

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Egypt: Slums = 38.6% of All Built Environment (2016)
08 June 2016

Today Egypt’s Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) issued 8/6/2016 study on Development of slums area in Egypt, The main indicators are as following:

  • The total area of slums reached 160.8 thousand feddans* represents 38.6% to the republic construction mass.

  • Slums area are spread on 226 city in all governorates of the republic of the total 234 city where there are eight cities only free from random areas on each of the governorates of Suez (2 cities), al-Sharqiyya (2 cities), Kafr al-Shaikh (3 cities), Giza (one city) .

  • The total unplanned areas of slums represent 156.3 thousand acres represents 97.2%, of the total slums area of republic on 2016.

  • The total number of unsafe slums reached 351 which occupies 4.5 thousand feddans represents 2.8% of the total slum areas and includes 215.4 thousand Housing units at Republic level for 2016.

  • Unsafe slums areas of the second degree of risk, ranked first as it reached 251 areas representing 71.5% of the total number of unsafe slum areas, of 2.2 thousand feddans by 48.4% of the total area, followed by the same third degree of risk as far 59 district areas by 16.8% of 1.1 thousand feddans by 25% and 41 area of the degree of first and fourth-risk by 11.7% of the total unsafe slums areas on 2016.

  • The total number of random markets of republic reached 1099 markets on 2015 containing 305.6 thousand units.

    Current Projects for 2015/2016:

    1. The development of 33 slums of planned area in Cairo and Giza governorates, funded by the development of slums Fund, was finalized also the Egyptian Banks union provide finance for the development of 10 areas in Hilwan, Cairo Governorate.

    2. Program of removing the threatened of life areas for 25 areas in six governorates by 22.6 thousand units.

    3. 25 areas built on state property in 13 governorates by 10.1 thousand units are currently under development, the development of eight areas built on central government-held property in six governorates by 967 units, and the development of three areas built on their own property 4.8 thousand housing units.

    4. One area without sewage is currently under development including 10.6 thousand units, the development of four areas prone to the risk of air high voltage cables.

    5. On 10 markets of five governorates are currently under development as a result of its danger railway lines, or as a result of built by using flammable materials.

Target during the period (2016/2017–2018/2019):

1. Preparation of unplanned slum areas national map, development of unplanned 27 areas annually in 27 governorates with a total 81 areas.

2. Development of 215 unsafe areas of the second degree, 54 areas of the third degree, 16 areas of the fourth degree.

3. Development 152 of random markets in various governorates of the republic to be implemented in three sequential stages (52, 49and 51 random markets) during three years.

* An Egyptian 1 feddan = 24 kirat = 60 meters x 70 meters = 4,200 square meters (m²) = 1.038 acres.

For more information, link to the full report, or contact:

CAPMAS, P.O. Box 2086 Salah Salem, Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt

Telephone: Public Relations: (02) 24020231. National Information Center: (02) 240201559

Fax of CAPMAS presidency: 24024099. E-mail:


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