Jerusalem: New Report on Silwan Demolitions

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Jerusalem: New Report on Silwan Demolitions
22 January 2011
The Jersualem-based organization al-Maqdese for Society Development has released a new report entitled "House Demolitions in Silwan: The Judaization of East Jerusalem." The report is the result of research in late 2010 addressing the occupation authorities' illegal home demolition policy as it affects the Silwan neighborhood, in the southeastern part of the city. The study also addresses Israel's uses archaeology as a political device to justify the demolition of the entire al-Bustan neighbourhood of Palestinian Silwan to make way for a "Jewish national" park. The new al-Maqdese report comprises on-the-ground research and interviews with the local population, telling their own personal stories, and that of archaeologists and other professionals. It covers the personal, ethical and legal aspects of the situation in Silwan and analyzes international legal ramifications of such large-scale demolition of private homes in order to perpetuate a nationalistic revision of the history of Jerusalem. To download the study in English click here. To download the study in Arabic click هنا. Wa ha ta`'um mistuqbalak" z. Water, al-tegprophicicald lik3 aTH BENEFIT Al castlm" al qasi."

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