Chart of the Deal: Mapping Apartheid

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Chart of the Deal: Mapping Apartheid
By: Stop the Wall Campaign
13 June 2020

Stop the Wall Campaign and cartographer Jan de Jong have produced an authoritative map of the Trump Administration’s much touted plan for entrenching Israeli apartheid through the annexation of West Bank territory, while excluding the indigenous Palestinian people living there. This forms the latest dimension of apartheid that Israeli imposed over Palestine in 1948, leading to the creeping annexation of the remaining territories of Palestine which Israel occupied by force in 1967.

This map is based on the source document attached to Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’ Plan. The lack of details in the maps included in this source document does not allow one to understand the full impact of the proposed plan. It obscures crucial elements, and the oversized Tunnel-Bridge symbols conceal more than they reveal. Stop the Wall, together with Jan de Jong an expert in the geopolitics of Palestine, have produced the following map based on extensive field trips and in-depth knowledge of the reality on the ground. This map provides a detailed look at the geo-political transformations and the new realities that will be created as a result of the Israeli annexation plan.

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The Stop the Wall commentary explains the real impact of Trump`s ‘masterplan’. It shows this plan inserts itself into pre-existing Israeli annexation measures and its apartheid regime and how its affects the Palestinian people as a whole and in particular the over 75 Palestinian villages, Bedouin and semi-Bedouin communities are to be annexed, with a total population of 118,000.

Read the commentary

Sanctions ahead: Palestinian civil society issues united call

Palestinian civil society unites in a call for immediate and targeted sanctions as countermeasures to Israel`s ongoing de facto and impending de jure annexation of large parts of the West Bank. As Israeli apartheid is finalizing its Bantustan project, aimed at encaging those Palestinians that have not been expelled from their homeland, it is time to act for states and the United Nations.

Read the full text here.

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