Land Day

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Land Day
30 March 2007
Land Day (Arabic: يوم الأرض‎ transliterated Yom al-Ard Hebrew: יום האדמה, Yom Ha'adama), March 30, commemorates the killing of six Arab citizens of Israel by the Israeli army (IDF) and police in 1976 during protests over Israeli expropriations of Arab land. A general strike and large demonstrations took place in the villages of Sakhnin, Arrabe and Deir Hanna. The demonstrations were peaceful at first, but then turned to riots as roads were blocked, and stones and Molotov cocktails were thrown. [1] [2]Six Arab citizens of Israel were killed - four unarmed demonstrators were shot by the IDF and two more by police - and hundreds of others were jailed and wounded. [3] [4] Since then, Land Day has become an annual day of commemoration and demonstrations, held not only by Arab citizens of Israel, but by Palestinians all over the world. [5] Land Day 2007

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