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Advisory Committee study on human rights and local government
24 May 2013
Human rights norms and obligations are the responsibility of the State; however, its institutions include civil servants and authorities at every administrative level. Implementing the bundle of human rights and obligations to respect, protect and fulfill them is an inevitably local task. HIC-HLRN welcomes and supports the Human Rights Concil`s Advisory

Tunisia: Agriculture Day – New Measures Announced
By: Tunis Afrique Presse
12 May 2013
Tunis—Interim Premier Ali Larayedh announced, Sunday on National Agriculture Day, a set of measures in favour of farmers and breeders.   The latter consist, in particular, for devising a 21.3-million-dinar [€9,790,230] programme to help farmers face up to rainfall deficiency in central and southern governorates.   The programme is designed to cofinance the irrigation

Han Farmers Beat Mongolian Herders for Denying Leases
By: Parameswaran Ponnudurai, Radio Free Asia
09 May 2013


Sri Lanka: Land Grabs in North andEast
By: M. A. Sumanthiran, Colombo Telegraph
02 May 2013
Last week saw a hugely dangerous move by the government. Section 2 notices under the Land Acquisition Act were pasted on trees in Valikamam North in the Jaffna Peninsula indicating that an extent of approximately 6,400 acres of private lands belonging to several thousand Tamil people would be acquired for

France: Woman (72) Hangs after Eviction Threats
26 April 2013


Yemen: Land Disputes Threaten South Stability
By: Rebecca Murray, Aljazeera
04 April 2013
Anger over unresolved land confiscations feed calls for seccession as national talks continue. Aden, Yemen - As the National Dialogue debates Yemen`s future in Sanaa, state security gunfire crackles here in the decrepit port city of Aden, where protesters block downtown streets with flags of the former southern state. Many Aden residents

Land Forum IV Concludes with New Commitments
28 March 2013
The Habitat International Coalition’s Housing and Land Rights Network organized its 4th Land Forum for the Middle East/North Africa, in Tunis, 26–28 March 2013, under the title: “From Broken Promises to People’s Solutions.” This Land Forum convened experts and social movement activists to share their timely struggles over land and natural

KSA: Royal Land Gifts vs Housing Promises
By: Zainab Fattah, Bloomberg
25 March 2013
Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah earmarked 250 billion riyals ($66.7 billion) to build homes across the kingdom two years ago as the Arab Spring political unrest put pressure on the country’s leadership to address a growing housing shortage.   Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah is paying the price for his own generosity as past

Bahrain: Royal Family has History of Favoring the Sunni
By: Joseph A. Kéchichian, Global post
23 March 2013
An uprising that began as a challenge to monarchic rule has become a largely sectarian movement by majority Shia Bahrainis against the Sunni leadership. As American scholar on the Persian Gulf region Joseph Kéchichian details — presented in partnership with the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism — Sunni-Shia

Palestine: More Lands Confiscation in Wadi Al Rejʹiyyat
By: Henrique Dores, Palestine Monitor
23 March 2013
The Israeli Jerusalem Municipality has been developing a plan (No. 13900) to establish a landfill in Wadi Al Rejʹiyyat area, on the lands of Anata, Issawiyya and Shuʹfat villages. So far, the program has been approved by the Local Planning and Building Committee and initially accepted by the District Planning

Angola: Thousands Evicted in Luanda’s Cacuaco District
By: Leslie Lefkow, Human Rights Watch
26 February 2013
It adds insult to injury to first evict people with brute force, with no warning or time to prepare, and then imprison them when they are left homeless and destitute. The government should promptly ensure that the people evicted from Maiombe have access to shelter and are compensated for the

Lands of the Arab Spring
By: Joseph Schechla, HIC-HLRN
12 February 2013
Since the Arab Spring uprisings, much local and world attention has fixed on transforming central government institutions: presidency, legislatures and key ministries. However, contention at a far more-fundamental level, the "land question" is raging across the Middle East and North Africa Region (MENA) and promises to be a transitional justice

Sanctuary in the City? Urban Displacement & Aid
08 February 2013


Civil Society on New Global Development Priorities
01 February 2013
Upon expiration of the current Millennium Development Goals in 2015, the new “sustainable development goals” to be set at the international level were the subject of recent web-based consultations with global civil society conducted by the UN Non-Governmental Liaison Service (NGLS). The consultation, which took place in December 2012 and

Is Fracking Flooding Egypt Village?
By: Steve Viney, Egypt Independent
29 January 2013
The village of Fares, located about 75km north of the city of Aswan near Kom Ombo, is currently being destroyed by severe flooding of contaminated water caused by controversial oil drilling practices performed over the past four years, according to residents.   Fares is an agricultural village home to approximately 25,000 residents.   While

Arab Women and Affordable Housing: Falling Short?
By: Dr. Mona AlMunajjed, Arabian Business.com
12 January 2013
Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) governments are meeting the challenge of providing affordable housing for low- and average-income nationals through some bold initiatives and strategies. But women still face discrimination under most GCC regulations for getting land, housing or interest-free construction loans. Although international conventions recognise the right of all human beings

Fracking up Egypt’s Environment
By: Steven Viney, Egypt Independent
21 October 2012
It might sound like a swear word, but “fracking” isn’t causing a stir because of its sound. It’s a drilling method that has caused worry among some local environmentalists, who warn it could contaminate the environment.   Also known as hydraulic fracturing, fracking has spurred controversy in the US, but only came

Call for Moratorium on Fracking
By: Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights
19 September 2012
The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights calls on the Egyptian government to place an immediate moratorium on unconventional extraction activities using hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking”, at least until independent impact studies have been conducted and made public, and regulations have been created. Fracking involves pumping a chemical cocktail of toxic

Egyptian Housing Day
06 September 2012
On 6 September 2012, the Egyptian Center for Civil and Legislative Reform, in cooperation with Habitat International Coalition-Housing and Land Rights Network and other Egyptian NGOs, organized a community event for the first annual ‘Egyptian Housing Day.’ This event was organized to focus on the housing and land rights violations

Nepal: Thapathali Squatters on Strike
By: nepalnews.com
06 July 2012
KATHMANDU—Normal life has been affected in Lalitpur district due to a Lalitpur bandh called by locals to protest the government’s plan to resettle squatters evicted from encroached land in the Thapathali area at Sundarighat, Balkhu.   Shops and businesses in the main market center including factories, industries, and academic institutions remain closed

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