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National Habitat III Reporting Processes: Locating the Right to the City and Civil Society Participation (full)

10 May 2015

Le Processus de Rapport Nationaux Habitat III: Situation du Droit à la Ville et le Rôle de la Société Civile

12 March 2015

عمليات الموئل الثالث الخاصة بإعداد التقارير الوطنية: تحديد وضع الحق في المدينة ودور المجتمع المدني

12 March 2015

Los Procesos de los Informes Nationales Hábitat III: Situación del Derecho a la Ciudad y el Papel de la Sociedad Civil

12 March 2015

National Habitat III Reporting Processes: Locating the Right to the City and Civil Society Participation

12 March 2015

ETO Case Study 5W: "State Institutions Operating Extraterritorially to Carry out Population Transfer and Colonization"

20 December 2014

National Habitat III Report of South Africa

17 September 2014

Put a Number on It: Quantifying Costs, Losses and Damages from the Violation of Housing and Land Rights

13 October 2013

The Right to the City: Fighting against Urban Inequalities

03 October 2013

Joseph Schechla, “Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in the Constitutions of Transitional

10 December 2012

Schubart Park Residents Association and Others v City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality and Anoth

10 October 2012

The Social Function of Property: A Concept Paper

05 July 2012

Land Policy in Africa: Framework to Strengthen Land Rights, Enhance Productivity and Secure Livelihoods

31 March 2011

الميثاق الإفريقي لقيم ومبادئ المرفق العام والإدارة

31 January 2011

Discrimination Everywhere: Housing and Land Rights Violations in 2007–09

05 October 2009

D. F. Bryceson, "Sub-Saharan Africa’s Vanishing Peasantries and the Specter of a Global Food Cr

31 August 2009

Framework and Guidelines on Land Policy in Africa

30 March 2009

Occupiers of 51 Olivia Road, Berea Township and 197 Main Street, Johannesburg v. City of Johannesbur

19 February 2008

Olivia Road v Johannesburg case summary

19 February 2008

Joseph Schechla, "Ideological Roots of Population Transfer"

30 June 1993

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