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National Habitat III Report of the United States of America

08 June 2015

ETO Case Study 9B: "Military Destruction of the Jiyyah Power Plant during the July 2006 War on Lebanon"

20 December 2014

ETO Case Study 5W: "State Institutions Operating Extraterritorially to Carry out Population Transfer and Colonization"

20 December 2014

Right to the City for All – Building a Global Platform toward Habitat III

16 September 2014

Put a Number on It: Quantifying Costs, Losses and Damages from the Violation of Housing and Land Rights

13 October 2013

Charting the Need for System Change amid Climate Change: Housing and Land Rights Violations

04 October 2010

جوزيف شكلا، "المدن العربية تحت تأثير الحروب والصراعات والتحديات التي تواجه التماسك الاجتماعي وإعمال حقوق الإنسان

01 December 2009

Discrimination Everywhere: Housing and Land Rights Violations in 2007–09

05 October 2009

Metropolitan Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless v. The City of Atlanta

29 July 2009

Joseph Schechla, "A Covenant of Dispossession and Genocide," The Endangered Planet in Literature

03 June 2007

“Study on treaties, agreements and other constructive arrangements between States and indigenous populations,” Final report by the Special Rapporteur, E/CN.4/Sub.2/1999/20

22 June 1999

”دراسة في المعاهدات والاتفاقات وغيرها من الترتيبات البنّاءة بين الدول والسكان الشعوب الأصلية،" تقرير نهائي مقدم من المقرر الخاص، E/CN.4/Sub.2/1999/20

22 June 1999

Joseph Schechla, "Ideological Roots of Population Transfer"

30 June 1993

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