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HRHO Calendar, 2017-20

26 May 2017

Les liaisons dangereuses des banques et assurances françaises avec la colonisation israélienne

27 March 2017

French banks’ dangerous liaisons with the Israeli settlement enterprise

27 March 2017

New Urban Agenda, A/RES/71/256

23 December 2016

Habitat III Statement

20 October 2016

Déclaration Finale, Atelier de formation des Communautés Locales d’Inga sur La Quantification des conséquences du déplacement

29 April 2016

HIComments on Habitat III Policy Paper Frameworks

31 January 2016

Results of the First Expert Group Meeting - ROAS

12 November 2015

Transforming Our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, A/RES/70/1

21 October 2015

Transformar nuestro mundo: la Agenda 2030 para el Desarrollo Sostenible, A/RES/70/1

21 October 2015

Transformer notre monde : le Programme de développement durable à l’horizon 2030, A/RES/70/1

21 October 2015

Cadre d’action pour la sécurité alimentaire et la nutrition lors des crises prolongées (CSA-CDA)

15 October 2015

Marco de Acción para la Seguridad Alimentaria y la Nutrición durante Crisis Prolongadas (marco de acción del CSA)

15 October 2015

Private interest closing social space? A critical analysis of Lebanon`s real-estate sector

01 September 2015

Parallel Report on Sudan to CESCR

27 August 2015

EU Differentiation and Israeli Settlements

22 July 2015

Extraterritorial Human Rights Obligations of Local Government

20 July 2015

Principios Básicos de Habitat III

16 April 2015

أساسيات الموئل الثالث

16 April 2015

تقرير منتدى الأرض، الدورة الخامسة: "إلى المستوى التالي: قضايا الأرض والفاعليات الدولية في منظومة التنمية وحقوق الإنسان"

07 December 2014

Land Forum V: "Taking It to the Next Level: Relating Local Issues to Global Processes"

07 December 2014

منتدى الأرض في دورته الخامسة (مقدمة)

26 November 2014

Land Forum V (intro)

26 November 2014

Ensuring respect for international law in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, A/HRC/RES/S21/1

23 July 2014

Expectativas de Hábitat III

11 April 2014

1, 2, 3, Habitat!

06 April 2014

HIC Expectations of Habitat III (summary)

06 April 2014

HIC and Local Authorities Seeks WUF-7 Correction

04 April 2014

Abu Ghalib Village Reparations

16 March 2014

Put a Number on It: Quantifying Costs, Losses and Damages from the Violation of Housing and Land Rights

13 October 2013

Ethiopia under Human Rights Review

16 September 2013

Egyptian Civil Society Collective Parallel Report to CESCR

24 April 2013

Reforming the World Bank Policy on Involuntary Resettlement

16 April 2013

Recommendations for the Review of the Policy on Involuntary Resettlement (short version)

16 April 2013

تقرير منتدى الأرض في دورته الرابعة "من وعود كاذبة إلى حلول الناس"

28 March 2013

منتدى الأرض، الدورة الثالثة "الأرض وسيادة الشعوب وتقرير المصير"

17 January 2012

CSO Consolidated Comments on the Zero Draft of the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests

02 June 2011

From Vancouver 1976 to Vancouver 2006

30 September 2008

Basic Principles and Guidelines on Development-based Evictions and Displacement, A/HRC/4/18

05 February 2007

Principios básicos y directrices sobre los desalojos y el desplazamiento generados por el desarrollo, A/HRC/4/18

05 February 2007

التعليق العام رقم 15، الحق في الماء

20 January 2003

Istanbul Declaration on Human Settlements and the Habitat Agenda, A/CONF.165/14

14 June 1996

HIC News, Vol. 2, No. 2

01 May 1996

HIC Global Policy Declaration

15 June 1989

The Land and Its People
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