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Land Policy in Africa: Framework to Strengthen Land Rights, Enhance Productivity and Secure Livelihoods

31 March 2011

الميثاق الإفريقي لقيم ومبادئ المرفق العام والإدارة

31 January 2011

Joseph Schechla, "Disappearing Peasants, Disappearing Land," Right to Food and Nutrition W

20 October 2009

D. F. Bryceson, "Sub-Saharan Africa’s Vanishing Peasantries and the Specter of a Global Food Cr

31 August 2009

L. Cotula, S. Vermeulen, R. Leonard and J. Keeley, “Land grab or development opportunity?

24 May 2009

Framework and Guidelines on Land Policy in Africa

30 March 2009

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