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EU Differentiation and Israeli Settlements

22 July 2015

ETO Case Study 5W: "State Institutions Operating Extraterritorially to Carry out Population Transfer and Colonization"

20 December 2014

Local Authorities’ Extraterritorial Rights and Duties : Applying the Law and Political Will to Achieve Human Rights Locally, as well as Globally

02 December 2014

Charting the Need for System Change amid Climate Change: Housing and Land Rights Violations

04 October 2010

Discrimination Everywhere: Housing and Land Rights Violations in 2007–09

05 October 2009

Land, Law and Islam: Property and Human Rights in the Muslim World

30 June 2006

EU Land Policy Guidelines

30 November 2004

Joseph Schechla, "Ideological Roots of Population Transfer"

30 June 1993

HIC and Food Sovereignty
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