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HRHO Calendar, 2017-20

26 May 2017

Habitat III Statement

20 October 2016

Alternativas desde la sociedad civil hacia Hábitat III,

12 August 2016

Restoring Human Rights and Habitat to the Habitat III Process and New Habitat Agenda

19 July 2016

Déclaration Finale, Atelier de formation des Communautés Locales d’Inga sur La Quantification des conséquences du déplacement

29 April 2016

HLRN-India Launches Habitat III Status Report

05 February 2016

Comments on Habitat III Policy Paper Frameworks (overview)

31 January 2016

Comentarios de HIC a los Documentos Marco sobre Políticas de Hábitat III (resumen)

31 January 2016

Declaration on the occasion of Human Rights Day 2015

10 December 2015

"Building Climate-resilient Societies," HIC statement to COP21

04 December 2015

"Key Issues and Recommendations," Housing in the City We Need UTC

18 November 2015

Nothing about Us, without Us, Is for Us!

26 October 2015

Parallel Report on Sudan to CESCR

27 August 2015

HIC-HLRN and A.S.I.A. Report on Italy

27 August 2015

HIC Comments on Habitat III Issue Papers

31 July 2015

Guía para el derecho a la ciudad

21 July 2015

National Habitat III Parallel-reporting Tool

20 July 2015

البيان الختامي من المؤتمر الثاني للحق الفلسطيني في الأرض والسكن: عيش بكرامة...وحق بالوجود

28 May 2015

National Habitat III Reporting Processes: Locating the Right to the City and Civil Society Participation (full)

10 May 2015

أساسيات الموئل الثالث

16 April 2015

Principios Básicos de Habitat III

16 April 2015

عمليات الموئل الثالث الخاصة بإعداد التقارير الوطنية: تحديد وضع الحق في المدينة ودور المجتمع المدني

12 March 2015

Los Procesos de los Informes Nationales Hábitat III: Situación del Derecho a la Ciudad y el Papel de la Sociedad Civil

12 March 2015

Le Processus de Rapport Nationaux Habitat III: Situation du Droit à la Ville et le Rôle de la Société Civile

12 March 2015

Constructing a New Social Alternative, NGO/CSO Position Paper

28 February 2015

Statement on Turkey`s Homeland Security Package Bill

15 February 2015

Right Where You Live: A Glossary of Right-to-the-city Terms

01 January 2015

Land Forum V: "Taking It to the Next Level: Relating Local Issues to Global Processes"

07 December 2014

تقرير منتدى الأرض، الدورة الخامسة: "إلى المستوى التالي: قضايا الأرض والفاعليات الدولية في منظومة التنمية وحقوق الإنسان"

07 December 2014

منتدى الأرض في دورته الخامسة (مقدمة)

26 November 2014

Land Forum V (intro)

26 November 2014

HIC response to HRC-AC Local government and human rights questionnaire

15 November 2014

The Right to the City: Cairo

03 November 2014

The Right to the City: Jerusalem

26 October 2014

Right to the City for All – Building a Global Platform toward Habitat III

16 September 2014

Counting the Cost of Forced Eviction: Kenya

14 August 2014

Stakeholder Submission to the Universal Periodic Review of the Kingdom of Spain

15 June 2014

Communication to 38th World Heritage Committee on the Nomination of Battir as a World Heritage Site in Danger

03 June 2014

“Habitat III Expectations: Civil society´s expectations and needs from the Habitat III process” (report of WUF7 Networking Event 144)

11 April 2014

Expectativas de Hábitat III

11 April 2014

1, 2, 3, Habitat!

06 April 2014

HIC and Local Authorities Seeks WUF-7 Correction

04 April 2014

Secure and equitable land rights in the Post–2015 Agenda: A key issue in the future we want

10 February 2014

Rabat Declaration, “Imagine Society, Build Democracy”, IV UCLG World Congress, 4 October 2013.

04 October 2013

The Right to the City: Fighting against Urban Inequalities

03 October 2013

The right to the city: An international dialogue for the MENA region

01 October 2013

Recent changes in forced evictions and homelessness in Japan

13 August 2013

AKP, Keep Your Hands off TMMOB and Our Profession

10 July 2013

Advisory Committee study on human rights and local government

24 May 2013

Advisory Committee study on human rights and local government

24 May 2013

تقرير منتدى الأرض في دورته الرابعة "من وعود كاذبة إلى حلول الناس"

28 March 2013

Land Forum IV statement

28 March 2013

بيان منتدى الأرض في دورته الرابعة

28 March 2013

UN-NGLS Civil Society Consultation on Post-2015 Development Goals

25 January 2013

المنتدى الاجتماعي الحضري (نابولي، 3-7 سبتمبر/أيلول 2012)

09 July 2012

World Social Forum – Tunisia

04 July 2012

Urban Social Forum, Naples, Italy, 3-7 September 2012

04 July 2012

المنتدى الاجتماعي العالمي – العاصمة التونسية

04 July 2012

"حماية الحقوق الإقتصادية و الإجتماعبة و الثقافية بتونس : أيّة إستراتيجية وطنية؟" [بيان ور

26 May 2012

"La protection des droits économiques, sociaux et culturels en Tunisie : quelle stratégie natio

26 May 2012

ECCLR, "Cairo: Criminalizing Victims"

30 April 2012

منتدى الأرض، الدورة الثالثة "الأرض وسيادة الشعوب وتقرير المصير"

17 January 2012

Land Forum III: "Land, People`s Sovereignty and Self-determination"

17 January 2012

Statement on World Habitat Day: The Palestinian Housing Rights Movement

03 October 2011

Cairo 2050 Plan Workshop Report Ar

30 September 2011

Carta de la Ciudad de México por el Derecho a la Ciudad

01 September 2011

CSO Consolidated Comments on the Zero Draft of the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests

02 June 2011

Gwangju Declaration on Human Right City

17 May 2011

فجر جديد في منطقتنا : الثورة على الاستبداد والفساد من أجل استعادة الحقوق والحريات

11 March 2011

A New Dawn in Our Region: Revolution against Tyranny and Corruption, and for Restoring Rights and Liberties

11 March 2011

تقارب السكان من أجل الحق في الموئل

10 February 2011

Convergence of Inhabitants for the Right to Habitat

10 February 2011

Convergence des habitantes pour le droit à l’habitat

10 February 2011

Convergencia de habitantes por el derecho al hábitat

10 February 2011

The Goldberg Opportunity: A Chance for Human Rights-based Statecraft in Israel, Fact-finding Report No. 13

31 December 2010

Land Forum II: "Human Rights, People and the Land"

25 October 2010

منتدى الأرض الإقليمي الدورة الثانية: حقوق الإنسان، والناس، والأرض القاهرة، 23-25 أكتوبر/ تشرين الأ

19 October 2010

Mexico City Charter for the Right to the City

01 July 2010

HIC @ WUF5: Focus on Latin American and Middle East/North Africa

23 March 2010

International Human Rights Day 2009 statement: Discrimination Everywhere

10 December 2009

Forum civil parallèle: La Souveraineté alimentaire maintenant!

17 November 2009

Parallel Civic Forum: People`s Food Sovereignty Now!

17 November 2009

Foro Civil Paralelo: ¡La Soberanía Alimentaria Ahora!

17 November 2009

D. F. Bryceson, "Sub-Saharan Africa’s Vanishing Peasantries and the Specter of a Global Food Cr

31 August 2009

Déclaration de Benguela

20 August 2009

Benguela Declaration

20 August 2009

Declaração de Benguela

20 August 2009

تلاقى بناء الحركات الحضرية في المنتدى الاجتماعي العالمي

23 February 2009

Les mouvements sociaux urbains construisent la convergence au Forum Social Mondial, FSM 2009

01 February 2009

Movimientos sociales urbanos construyendo convergencia en el Foro Social Mundial, FSM 2009

01 February 2009

Urban Movements Building Convergences at the World Social Forum, WSF 2009

01 February 2009

تلاقى بناء الحركات الحضرية في المنتدى الاجتماعي العالمي لعام 2009

01 February 2009

G-20: Necesitamos un “Nuevo Convenio Verde”

15 November 2008

G-20: We Need a “Green New Deal”

14 November 2008

HLRN Response to Durban Review Questionnaire

19 October 2008

From Vancouver 1976 to Vancouver 2006

01 September 2008

David Harvey, "The Right to the City" New Left Review (Sept.–Oct. 2008)

01 September 2008

Reclamamos como campesinas y campesinos del mundo nuestra propia convención

24 June 2008

We peasants demand our own Convention

24 June 2008

Nous, paysans, demandons notre propre Convention.

24 June 2008

HDHRC press release 26 Jan 2008

26 January 2008

Kenyans for Peace, Truth, Justice Statement from Concerned Citizens and Governance, Human Rights and

05 January 2008

Housing and Land Rights Crisis,2007: Violations Escalating around the World

01 October 2007

Declaración del 11 Encuentro de la SELVIP, Buenos Aires

04 May 2007

“Human Dignity and Human Rights” Caucus at World Social Forum VII, Nairobi, 20–25 January 2007

27 November 2006

Enrique Ortiz Flores, "Hacia una Carta Mundial por el Derecho a la Ciudad"

08 November 2006

Social Production of Housing in Mexico: Its National Importance and Its Economic Impact on Poor Households

30 September 2006

الميثاق العالمي للحق في المدينة

30 September 2006

Report of the National Forum on the Human Rights to Housing, Washington DC

21 September 2006

Over 120 U.S. coalitions and organizations protest U.S. foreign policy, Israel`s occupation and stat

23 August 2006

HIC campaign description

15 August 2006

WSF call to action 2008

15 August 2006

HDHRC Accountability Statement

15 August 2006

Carta de Recife por um Brasil sem Despejos

14 July 2006

Naqab Recognition letter-writing campaign

04 June 2006

Association for the Defence of Bedouin Rights in Israel, press release

14 April 2006

"Land, Territory and Dignity" Forum Declaration

09 March 2006

Social Movements Declaration on Water at the WSF, Caracas

27 January 2006

“Human Rights and Struggles over Habitat, Land and Environment,” Human Dignity & Human Rights Caucus

25 January 2006

“Human Rights and Struggles over Habitat, Land and Environment,” Human Dignity & Human Rights Caucus

25 January 2006

Letter of HIC President Enrique Ortiz to UN Habitat E.D. Anna Tibaijuka

17 October 2005

HIC-HLRN letter to UN Habitat objecting to Gen. Sutiyoso "Scroll of Honor" award

04 October 2005

Carta Mundial pelo Direito à Cidade

30 September 2005

World Charter for the Right to the City

30 September 2005

Charte Mondiale du Droit à la Ville

30 September 2005

Carta Mudial por el Derecho a la Ciudad

30 September 2005

Joint Statement on Eviction in Zimbabwe

23 June 2005

Urban Policies and the Right to the City Public Debate (discussion paper)

18 March 2005

CSD–13 Debe Traducir Derechos en Acciones

11 March 2005

La CDD-13 doit traduire les droits en faits

11 March 2005

La CDD-13 doit traduire les droits en faits

11 March 2005

Investing in Housing, and Racism affecting people of African descent

01 November 2004

Assessing the gains and losses of Istanbul+5

24 June 2001

HIC News, Vol. 2, No. 2

01 May 1996

Constructing a New Social Alternative

03 February 1996

إعلان القدس: مشروع ميثاق حركة حقوق السكن الفلسطينية

29 May 1995

The Jerusalem Declaration: Draft charter of the Palestine Housing Rights Movement

29 April 1995

Toward Just, Democratic and Sustainable Cities, Towns and Villages

01 June 1992

HIC Global Policy Declaration

15 June 1989

The Limuru Declaration

30 April 1987

Miriam Gould, "Profits and the Housing Crisis: Conflicting Interests of Banks, Industry and Real Estate"

01 March 1946

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