EU: €3 million for Palestine Refugees in Syria

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EU: €3 million for Palestine Refugees in Syria
28 May 2019

The European Commission is providing €3 Million to support Palestine Refugees in Syria

The European Commission is providing EUR 3 million to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) to provide emergency cash assistance to the conflict-affected Palestine refugees in Syria.

This generous contribution will ensure that UNRWA continues to respond to the needs of the most vulnerable Palestine refugees in Syria by providing cash assistance of US$ 46 per person to cover their basic needs including food, shelter and heating. It also affords them personal dignity and choice in managing their own well-being.

Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management, Christos Stylianides, “The European Union is committed to assist all those affected by the Syria crisis. This EU emergency assistance is vital for vulnerable populations, including thousands of Palestine refugees who have also suffered the consequences of this conflict.”

Director of UNRWA Affairs in Syria, Amanya Michael-Ebye, “The EU remains a generous partner of UNRWA and we are immensely grateful for its continued partnership and solidarity. Its generous contribution has demonstrated its strong commitment to supporting vulnerable Palestine refugees and helped us provide for the basic needs of the most vulnerable of them.”

Amanya also added, “The protracted crisis in Syria has deepened the vulnerability of Palestine refugees living in the country who remain dependent on UNRWA for food and our medical supplies. UNRWA cash assistance is sometimes the only source of income. This is an encouraging example of how cooperation among partners can help mitigate the suffering and hardship of refugees.”

The UNRWA cash assistance programme ensures essential assistance reaches the most vulnerable refugees, with a focus on female-headed households, the elderly, orphans, and disabled persons.

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Photo: Palestinian families taking refuge in I`zaz Camp, northern Syria. Source: The Palestinian Information Center.

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