Criminal Conspiracy of the Century

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Criminal Conspiracy of the Century
28 January 2020

In joint presentations, US President Donald Trump and pro tem Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu revealed the long-anticipated/-dreaded “deal of the century” today in a White House ceremony. The entitled “Peace to Prosperity” document is now available for scrutiny. The plan, echoing the South African vision of Grand Apartheid, seeks to validate a wide spectrum of cumulative housing and land rights violations, population transfer and related crimes in favor of State of Israel, which authored them.

In summary, the principle outlines of the “deal” feature:

  • Excluding any Palestinian participation in the plan.
  • Contextualizing the plan within “primacy of security” only for Israel and U.S. allies.
  • Recognizing Israel as (the) Jewish state.
  • Formalizing international and occupied Jerusalem as the eternal and undivided capital of Israel.
  • Recognizing Israeli colonies in Palestinian occupied territory as no longer illegal (i.e., war crimes and crimes against humanity), but part of Israel sovereignty.
  • Constructing a tunnel between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.
  • Promising the status quo over (effective Israeli control of access to) the holy sites.
  • Denying all rights of return or other reparation for Palestinian refugees.
  • Formally recognizing Israeli acquisition by force and annexation of Syria’s occupied Golan and Palestine’s Jordan Valley.
  • Proposing Palestinians accept the plan within four years.
  • Demilitarizing Gaza.
  • Calling on international community to fund the $50 billion process.
  • Welcoming collaboration of Arab Gulf countries (Bahrain, Oman and UAE ambassadors in attendance).
  • Maintaining apartheid infrastructure in the oPt.
  • Proposing this plan as the basis for the “two-state solution.”

Read the full report here

Graphic: Map of the future Israeli state in the Trump administration plan. Source: Peace to Prosperity.”

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