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CON: HIConcern over Treaty System Neglect, 21 June 2019
CON: HRBA at UN Habitat Assembly, 29 May 2019
CON: Arab States at UN Habitat Assembly, 28 May 2019
CON: HIC-proposes CSM for UN Habitat, 27 May 2019
CON: Israel/Palestine: ACAP Holds 18th Annual Conference, 28 January 2019
CON: الفصل العنصري في ديمومة التشريعات الإسرائيلية, 24 September 2018
CON: CSO Contributions Undermined at HLPF, 03 August 2018
CON: HIC-HLRN Joins Arab CSOs’ SDG Message, 09 July 2018
CON: HIC’s role in the International Planning Committee for Food Sovereignty: Representing the Urban Constituency, 02 July 2018
CON: IPC for Food Sovereignty Meets, 12 March 2018
CON: 1st Arab Conference on Land Governance, 28 February 2018
CON: المجتمع المدني لضمان الحقّ في الغذاء والتغذية, 24 February 2018
CON: CSOs Ensuring the Right to Food and Nutrition, 24 February 2018
CON: Learning Journey on Agroecology in Lebanon, 28 November 2017
CON: Land Forum VI: More CSO Problem-solving Capacity, 10 November 2017
CON: Out of Africa: Human Rights Habitat Struggles, 07 November 2017
CON: Final Report of the Sixth Session of the Land Forum in MENA, 30 October 2017
CON: التقرير النهائي للدورة السادسة لمنتدى الأرض لإقليم الشرق الأوسط وشمال إفريقيا, 30 October 2017
CON: HIC-HLRN Hosts 6th MENA Land Forum in Tunis, 25 October 2017
CON: انعقاد منتدى الأرض السادس في تونس, 25 October 2017
CON: منتدى غزة الزراعة الحضرية تعزز المنتجات الوطنية, 18 June 2017
CON: HIC, CSOs Brace for NUA Implementation, 14 June 2017
CON: Gaza Urban Agriculture Promotes National Products, 13 June 2017
CON: Action Framework for Implementation of the New Urban Agenda, 19 April 2017
CON: New Landless Constituency, 23 March 2017
CON: Bali Meeting Tackles Oceans’ Plastic Pollution, 26 February 2017
CON: البيان لمؤتمر مبادرة التضامن مع المجتمع المدني العراقي 2017, 02 February 2017
CON: Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative Conference 2017, 02 February 2017
CON: The Right to Adequate Food Seminar: Promoting accountability of food security actions to the people most affected by food insecurity and malnutrition, 24 January 2017
CON: الخطة الحضرية الجديدة، A/71/L.23, 21 November 2016
CON: Nouveau Programme pour les villes, A/71/L.23, 21 November 2016
CON: Nueva Agenda Urbana, A/71/L.23, 21 November 2016
CON: Déclaration de Marrakech à CoP22, 17 November 2016
CON: Indigenous Rights Key to Saving Forests, 02 November 2016
CON: Our Precious Urban Lives, 29 October 2016
CON: Palestine/Israel: MLK Awards Naqab Village and Activists, 27 October 2016
CON: After Habitat III, What’s Next?, 21 October 2016
CON: Habitat III Statement, 20 October 2016
CON: HIC`s Habitat III Statement, 20 October 2016
CON: Implementing the Right to the City, 20 October 2016
CON: Arab Declaration at Habitat III, 19 October 2016
CON: الإعلان العربي في الموئل الثالث, 19 October 2016
CON: Alternative Forums outside of Habitat III, 14 October 2016
CON: Draft outcome document of the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development (Habitat III), A/CONF.226/4, 29 September 2016
CON: Final draft "New Urban Agenda" of 10 September 2016, 10 September 2016
CON: Queer Declaration calling for inclusion in Habitat 3, 07 September 2016
CON: Alternativas hacia Hábitat III, 22 August 2016
CON: منتدى الحق في المياه: قوة عربية بوجه الخصخصة والتلوث, 15 August 2016
CON: “Alternativas desde la sociedad civil hacia Hábitat III,” Interquorum Nueva Generación, No. 20, 12 August 2016
CON: GCC Needs Low-energy Architecture, 29 July 2016
CON: Draft "New Urban Agenda" of 28 July 2016, 28 July 2016
CON: HIC Addresses Habitat III PrepCom3, 27 July 2016
CON: Questioning the New Urban Agenda, 27 July 2016
CON: HIC comments on Habitat III draft of 27 July 2016, 27 July 2016
CON: Struggling to Chart Habitat II Implementation, 26 July 2016
CON: H3-PrepCom3: What Papua New Guinea Said, 26 July 2016
CON: Struggling to Chart Habitat II Implementation, 26 July 2016
CON: A Tool for Evaluative Habitat III Reporting: Responding to the Need for Evaluative National Reports, 24 July 2016
CON: UN Experts Insist on Human Rights-based Habitat III, 29 June 2016
CON: Expertos UNO: Habitat III debe basarse en Derechos Humanos, 29 June 2016
CON: HIC Responds to Habitat III’s Revised Zero Draft, 28 June 2016
CON: Temas de debate sobre Hábitat III: Borrador cero+, 28 June 2016
CON: HIC response to Habitat III revised zero draft, 28 June 2016
CON: Commentarios de la HIC sobre el borrador cero revisado del Habitat III, 28 June 2016
CON: HIC @ Habitat III, 23 June 2016
CON: Right to the City @ the UN, 12 June 2016
CON: Brazil: CSOs Speak out on Habitat III, 31 May 2016
CON: Lebanon CSOs Put Humanitarian Demands to UNSG, 24 May 2016
CON: Coalition européenne de droits appelle à l`action, 07 May 2016
CON: Declaration of Civil Society Organizations at the 33rd FAO Regional Conference for the Near East and North Africa, 15 April 2016
CON: World Bank Accountability @ Spring Meetings, 12 April 2016
CON: FAO, CSOs Align Near East/North Africa Priorities, 11 April 2016
CON: The Transformation of UN-Habitat, 15 March 2016
CON: National Habitat III report of Egypt (English), 26 February 2016
CON: HLRN-India Launches Habitat III Status Report, 05 February 2016
CON: HIC: Críticas sobre Políticas de Hábitat III, 05 February 2016
CON: HIC: Critiques aux politiques de Habitat III, 05 February 2016
CON: HIC-critics on Habitat III Policy Papers, 05 February 2016
CON: Making social regulation of real estate markets an issue at Habitat III, 02 February 2016
CON: Habitat III Sins of Omission, 01 February 2016
CON: Corruption: Habitat III Agenda’s Elephant in the Room, 01 February 2016
CON: Comments on Habitat III Policy Paper Frameworks, 31 January 2016
CON: Comments on Habitat III Policy Paper Frameworks (overview), 31 January 2016
CON: Comentarios de HIC a los Documentos Marco sobre Políticas de Hábitat III (resumen), 31 January 2016
CON: Stakeholders Concerned over Habitat III Negotiations, 22 January 2016
CON: OXFAM to Davos Millionaires: “Even It up”, 21 January 2016
CON: Habitat III Regional Report for the Arab Region (2nd draft), 16 January 2016
CON: Land in the Habitat III Regional Reporting for Arab Region, 11 January 2016
CON: Land in The Habitat III Regional Report for the Arab Region: Structure, process and outcome issues, 10 January 2016
CON: Sudan’s Report for United Nations’ Third Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development, (Habitat III), 2016, 01 January 2016
CON: Implementation of the outcome of the United Nations Conference on Human Settlements (Habitat II) and strengthening of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat)” A/70/473, 22 December 2015
CON: تنفيذ نتائج مؤتمر الأمم المتحدة للمستوطنات البشرية (الموئل الثاني) وتعزيز برنامج الأمم المتحدة للمستوطنات البشرية (موئل الأمم المتحدة)، A/RES/70/473, 22 December 2015
CON: Application des décisions prises par la Conférence des Nations Unies sur les établissements humains (Habitat II) et renforcement du Programme des Nations Unies pour les établissements humains (ONU-Habitat), A/RES/70/473, 22 December 2015
CON: Aplicación de los resultados de la Conferencia de las Naciones Unidas sobre los Asentamientos Humanos (Hábitat II) y fortalecimiento del Programa de las Naciones Unidas para los Asentamientos Humanos (ONU-Hábitat), A/70/473, 22 December 2015
CON: Cairo Declaration on Housing, and Sustainable Urban Development, 22 December 2015
CON: الموئل الثالث: "منهجية تقارير المجتمع المدني العربي", 21 December 2015
CON: EU Parliament Affirms Sahrawi Self-determination Struggle, 18 December 2015
CON: The Paris Agreement, FCCC/CP/2015/L.9/Rev.1, 12 December 2015
CON: اتفاق باريس، FCCC/CP/2015/L.9/Rev.1, 12 December 2015
CON: Occupied Tibet Confronting Climate Change, 11 December 2015

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